miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Summary: Energy Resources

         The humans have an adaptation in the energy sources specially we use fossil fuels. The problem with fossil fules is that they take too much time to be made by it self and they pollute the air. But there are other sources of energy that are called alternative sources of energy that dose not pollute. We can find four (4) alternative energy that are: Wind energy, Water energy, geothermal energy (Earth´s internal energy) and solar energy.
       Fossil Fuels form by decaied plants and animals in the soil (humus).They form in steps: Step 1: dead plants and animals fall to the ocean floor. Step 2: dead plants and animals are covered with layers of sand and mud. Step 3: over millions of years, preasure and heat helped to turn dead plants and animals remains into oil and natural gas.
       Methane gas is a tipe of gas that we use to cook in our kitchens and houses. A example of an object that make methane gas is the corn you just need to let him decompose and it form an imflamable gas.

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