miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Summary: Living Things and Their Environment


        Living Things and Nonliving Things live in an ecosystem and they interact each other. Some ecologist study this interacting and they see symbiosis. There are three (3) tipes of symbiosis that are: mutualism, they benefit both; parasitism, one harm the other; commensalism, they dont harm each other.
       Biotic and abiotic factors are like living things and nonliving things. Some biotic factors are: animals, plants, bacteria, protist, fungi and many others. Someabiotic factors we cand find: wind, air, light, water, minerals and many others.
        A population is like a big building with humans in it. When this population joint with other population with different species form a big community and a habitat. Each one of this community have a niche, an ocupation. My niche is to be a good student for the country.

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